Welcome to Rahiel.com!

Welcome to Rahiel.com! I can’t tell you how excited I am that this space exists. It’s my way of inviting you into my world in hopes that something I write or share would serve to inspire and inform you. I don’t know what led you here, but it is my hope and prayer that you would leave better than you came.

When I launched my online life.style magazine Urban Cusp in 2011, I was so resistant to visibility. My aim was to uplift the writers and their voices. I wanted to share the best that our community has to offer. I refused to let my vision be diluted by charismatic leadership. And while I still have those same fears, you all helped me believe in the power of my voice and the importance of my ideas in ways that I never had before in my life.

This site is for those of you who wanted to hear what I was thinking about on the issues of the day. For you who wanted my words of motivation and affirmation during your low moments. And for those of you who asked me for blueprints that I still have yet to map out. You all wouldn’t let me shy away from walking boldly in my purpose and I am forever indebted to you for that.

Consider this site one of the many ways in which I seek to give back to those of you who believed in me. And to God’s people in general. This is my virtual pulpit, classroom and broadcast network all in one. I created this space as an extension of my ministry and media work. While Urban Cusp primarily focuses on the hip-hop generation, Rahiel.com will more directly reflect my commitment to and passion for women’s empowerment.

I believe there is a high price for anointing. God does not build us up merely for our benefit but instead so that others can reap the fruits of our labor. It’s harvest time!

I wanted an escape. A higher ground that protected me from the shallowness of the world. A refuge that inspired me to be creative, imaginative, and bold. I wanted to combat my fears and to live into the freedom of my elementary school self. To rediscover the girl that wrote incessantly as a youth. Spoke with passion and boldness. The girl who knew that butterflies die in sealed jars. I knew I was born to fly, but my wings must have gotten clipped somewhere along the way. The problem was that I thought my faith was challenging me to let go of everything I ever knew about myself in pursuit of Christ. When the noise within finally quieted- I found my sanctuary nestled in memories made on concrete terrain, late night debates with friends from different walks of life, soul-restorative music blasted at all hours of the night, and dreams held onto from seasons of life long gone.

(On launching Urban Cusp)