Solange’s Wedding: On Beauty Defiance and Rebellious Power

So how about those wedding photos? I have to give it to Solange (rightfully nicknamed “Solo”); I didn’t realize how much of a rebel she was until yesterday.

Many of us talk about “thinking out the box,” but she clearly doesn’t care one exists. From the combed out afro. To the lack of jewelry. To the cape in place of a veil. To the peek-a-boo jumpsuits. To the New Orleans style second line parade. To the Vogue-worthy white gothic wedding party photos. To riding through the streets on flower adorned white bikes with now husband —23 years her senior.

She slapped everyone in the face with a healthy dose of “I’m doing me. Don’t believe me? Just watch.”

And there is something very youthful about that type of audacity. It’s carefree and enlivening, as 20 somethings should be.  But Solange wears an ole soul wisdom that is timeless. It’s imprinted in her music and style. She laced it throughout her wedding – the intertwining of youthful rebellion and sage wisdom.

I found it all regal and awe-inspiring.

As women, we battle so many paralyzing conceptions of beauty and femininity. Of what’s socially acceptable versus what’s perceived as disgraceful to one’s womanhood. And to see pictures of what was once a single-mother Solange marching through the streets of New Orleans with her now-shoulder-height-tall son by her side, with her fro crowning her head and her cape symbolizing everything she has likely overcome, I couldn’t help but rejoice for her. Not simply because of her being blessed with a life partner, but because I think she would be proud and self-affirming either way.

Yes, woman! Own yourself, your story and your identity. We took note. And, hopefully, many of us will begin to do the same – if we have not already – silenced the critical voices and shunned the piercing eyes in our own lives.