Jordan Davis verdict

Thoughts on the Mistrial in Jordan Davis’ Murder

Jury finds Michael Dunn guilty on 4 counts on 2nd degree attempted murder for shooting into the car; mistrial declared on 1st degree murder of Jordan. Yet, Jordan is dead. Would have been 19 years old tomorrow. Justice was not served through this verdict. Sickening.

Our legal system often fails slain black youth but we fail them if their loss isn’t a catalyst for individual and social change. I have little hope in the U.S. criminal justice system but I have faith that we the people can usher in the change we want to see. If you don’t already care about social justice and public service, let these cases be the fire that ignites your activism.

We honor martyrs not simply by talking about them but by transforming our way of life. Bear the burden of freedom fighting daily. Fight for these boys and girls like they’re your own because a precedent is always set for the future when justice isn’t served. Fight on these issues as if your very freedom and life depended on it because nothing guarantees that it won’t be us next time. And don’t think voting is your sole responsibility. That is only the beginning. That is the absolute least you can do.

US can’t be freed from a demon it refuses to name. Racism is so embedded in our national identity yet we’re silent on its costs. Until we acknowledge that hate and fear of blacks still exists in this country despite the mask of color-blindedness, we will be paralyzed. So many in this country make a mockery of Christ, using Him only to progress a worldview rooted in white supremacy. You are your own god.

About what you do rather than feel helpless – what are the social issues that affect your area? What angers you that you want to change? Who do *you* have to be to create a better world? Don’t be a passive spectator, helplessly watching these events unfold. What will you do? How will you foster change? We need you in this!

Parts of the black community can often be detached from the reality of black suffering. Sometimes we forget how bad it is for our people. We get our degrees, build our resumes, tweet our thoughts, and embrace the good life, forgetting how fatalistic so much of our community is. Trayvon and Jordan – the future generation is where all of our higher education needs to be directed – the saving and freeing of their lives.

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  1. Amor

    I feel you Rahiel. People are refusing to believe that there is prejudice. We aren’t yet in a colorblind world. Black means a lot of things in America and most are negative connotations.

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